St Mawes Seafood

St Mawes Seafood

ABOUT US – by Pete

The Beginning - “I am fortunate enough to come from one of the oldest fishing families from St Mawes and my first trip on a trawler was at the tender age of 9. With a new smock and my ‘Peter Storm’ jacket (I swear it was the smell of the new jacket that made me sick) I saw first-hand the effort and toil that goes into putting fish on a plate. Boarding the ‘Inter-nos FH20’ (a 45’ sidewind trawler powered by a Rolls Royce engine), the excitement I had been experiencing had suddenly turned into trepidation and every one of my nerves were on-end. Skippered by Jon Sawle (the last of 3 brothers to do so), I was soon put at ease by his calmness and obvious seamanship, handling the boat and gear with an ease that cannot be learned ‘tis handed down’ as my father used to say. I went on to work for Jon in later years.

The trawl was towed for 3hrs - a lifetime and longer when the boat is just wallowing. It made its way steadily over the ground at 2.5kts, with my requests of ‘how much longer to go’ earning me stern looks after the 10th time in as many minutes. Eventually the net was hauled and as the cod-end came to the surface it became obvious that it was a good haul. Bulging with haddock and whiting and just about every species of fish you could think of, the sight of all this fish on the deck remains in my mind to this day. It was now me who was well and truly hooked!

Nearly 40 years later, now on my own boat, as the cod-end is hauled aboard I quite often become that 9yr old boy again, tingling with excitement. As you gather, having fished from St Mawes all my life, there are some tales to be told – but that’s for another day.

Now – Having being asked on numerous occasions to bring fresh fish in for people and usually having to decline – more politics – Angie said that she would happily sell it if we could find a suitable site to operate from.

After a lot of discussion with the Pier & Harbour Company (who gave us 100% support) the trailer was purchased and trading began.

Because we endeavour to bring to our customers only fish of the highest quality, with freshness being unsurpassed, the opening time vary considerably and we would like to encourage people to phone Angie’s mobile number at the beginning of the week to place orders so that we can organise our catch and leave nobody disappointed. Please do not feel that if you see the trailer closed that we are closed for business – much goes on behind the scenes!!